Facebook Sponsored Ad Techniques for Beginners.

Why Facebook.

If you are new to Facebook, it has an advertising platform that has a wealth of information about its users that can help marketers find the right audience for their products or services. Think about what you post on Facebook, what groups you like and data you enter. Facebook has information about all its users, directly from their bios and signup information but also their activity, online behavior and tastes.

Here are a few suggestions and tips to help you get started on the PPC advertising on Facebookinserzioni.

First 2 steps– you can narrow down your audience by location, gender, age range, or interest keywords. It’s a great way to find the audience you are marketing to, and introduce yourself and your brand. The first thing is to create awareness of your brand, what your company does and get people interested. It makes sense to target people in your demographic target or interested in similar brands to yours.

Secondly – Connect your store. If you already have a website that is ecommerce ready, link to that but if not, you can create a Facebook webstore to display and sell your products. Link to something the viewer of your ads can transact on. Most people will say keep them on a Facebook page so, develop a store, but if you have a good website already, don’t duplicate and switch to the Facebook store, because it has less functionality and tracking analytics.


There may be a need to harness the power of Facebook’s user data by targeting users based on their unique criteria. You can narrow down your ad audience by filtering by geo location, age, gender,or interest keywords.

If you’re brand is relatively new, you may not have a big customer list to work on and target. So, Facebook allows businesses of all sizes to find potential customers, get traffic to their website and build a contact list up. To find the best prospects use these little tips:

  • Find the customers that shop for similar products to yours. Where do they shop? What brands do they follow and interact with? You can use those other brands as search keywords to find customers likely to buy from you too.
  • Thing about the age demographic, who is your product suited to? Are your customers twentysomethings, silver surfers or parents only? Define an age range to make sure you’re reaching the right people and very importantly excluding the age groups unlikely to shop from you.

Use a sign up form to gather emails for your newsletter list. These will be warm prospects who liked something in your ad and about your brand to sign up for more information. Ideally have a call to action that gets the user to signup, or at least visit your website or watch a promo video.Facebook inserzioni can help you grow traffic, subscribers and most importantly customers, see this site for more tips and help.

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